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Sifu Bill Dancock

Principle Teacher and Founder of the Sun Swallow School

Bill has been practicing Tai Chi and Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qi Gong since 1988 and teaches Chen and  Yang Style Tai Chi

 The Chen 11 Form under the tutelage of Master Liming Yue

also Bill Is a senior Indoor student 0f G. Master Yue

Who bestowed the title of Master on Bill December 2012

Within the healing aspects of Tai Chi, Bill has had a great deal of experience with teaching students with a wide variety of complaints.

through the healing aspects of Tai Chi, Bill became interested in Reiki and proceeded to become Reiki Master and is a 6th generation Master from Dr Usui's Lineage.

Bill is also a practitioner of Bowen Therapy and Traditional Indian Head Massage.

Bill also has qualifications in Adult learning

Master Liming Yue with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglie

Bill and students with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglie